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OPSWAT - Trust no file. Trust no device. ™ Our Zero - Trust Philosophy

OPSWAT protects critical infrastructure. Our goal is to eliminate malware and zero - day attacks. We believe that every file and every device pose a threat. Threats must be addressed at all locations at all times - at entry, at exit, and at rest. Our products focus on threat prevention and process creation for secure data transfer and safe device access. The result is productive systems that minimize risk of compromise. That’s why 98% of U.S. nuclear power facilities trust OPSWAT for cybersecurity and compliance.

Remediant - Precision Privileged Access Management | SecureONE

Remediant prevents ransomware and other sophisticated intrusions by removing 24x7 administrator rights from endpoints and adding back only what is needed, Just - in - Time. Only Remediant SecureONE removes your biggest undiscovered security risk by providing Just - Enough access, Just - in - Time, eliminating standing privilege with continuous scanning and agentless, vaultless simplicity - unlike legacy privileged access management (PAM) solutions that leave unprotected attack surface and are difficult to deploy.

Pentera (Formerly Pcysys) - Automated Security Validation™

Pentera’ss platform help clients discover their real - world, real-time security exposure by emulating real - life attacks on every cybersecurity layer, all day, every day. Eliminate guesswork, ditch delays, and embrace automated security validation for a continuous understanding of your risk. Tune out the false alarms and never - ending lists of vulnerabilities. Turn to the one true picture of your network to reduce risk. Stop simulating, start validating.

Stealthbits (now part of Netwrix) - Classify and Secure sensitive Data

Stealthbits is the only cybersecurity solutions provider focused not only on protecting an organization’s sensitive data, but the credentials that supply access to it. By removing inappropriate data access, enforcing security policy, and detecting advanced threats, our highly innovative and infinitely flexible platform delivers real protection that reduces security risk, fulfills compliance requirements, and decreases operational expense. Find sensitive content, such as financial data, medical records and other PII, both on premises and in the cloud. Automatically quarantine critical or sensitive data stored in unsecure locations or accessible by large groups of users to minimize its exposure until you can make a thoughtful remediation decision.

ITsMine™ - The leading data security solution for scattered data

ITsMine protects data within company boundaries and beyond. Beyond DLP requires no policies and no permanent endpoint agents, as well as guarantees protection against internal and external attackers. ITsMine’s Beyond DLP solves the challenges using a fully automated solution with negligible false positives and without affecting employee productivity. ITsMine is a DLP solution to protect against internal and external threats automatically.

inWebo - The Most Agile & Secure MFA

inWebo's multi - factor MFA strong authentication secures access against identity theft, account usurpation and phishing. inWebo offers a complete SaaS platform for the management of strong authentication. It combines two key elements: maximum security and a smooth user experience. inWebo's strong authentication solution is used for : 1. Secure access to corporate networks by integrating with various access points (VPN, SSO, ADFS, IAM, PAM, etc.). 2. Integrate strong authentication directly into vulnerable consumer applications (such as online banking), using SDKs as white labels to authenticate access and seal user transactions

ThreatCop - Social Engineering Simulation and Security Awareness Training

ThreatCop is an AI/ML - based social engineering simulation and awareness tool that assesses the real - time threat posture of an organization from the people�s point of view. It is a SaaS/On - premise (in - house) security attack simulator. It can access the real - time threat posture of an organization from the people�s point of view and reduce the cyber risk up to 90% in 30 Days. It simulates the 6 biggest social engineering threats - Phishing, Ransomware, Cyber scams, USB, Vishing & Smishing.Cyber Attack Simulation:- Top 6 dummy cyber - attacks including phishing, smishing, vishing, cyber scam, risk of removable media, and ransomware.Security Awareness Training :- Educate and train employees with awareness videos, gamified quizzes, posters, newsletters, and much more.Assessment :- Analyze employees� level of awareness post knowledge imparting with interactive assessment sessions.

Plixer - NDR

Plixer's distinct approach to providing a single platform for network security and monitoring delivers the insight and analytics needed to manage the immense opportunities and risks of your digital business. Provides constant network surveillance with ability to store massive amounts of data and acquiring specific details on a threat fast. Scrutinizer is the turn to solution for forensic incident response and stopping data leaks.

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Block Armour – ZTNA

Block Armour was accelerated by Airbus and they've developed a next-gen Zero Trust cybersecurity solution for Enterprise, Cloud and connected IoT devices. The solution is powered by Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture and private Blockchain technology. They deliver Unified Secure Access TM providing holistic security and a single pane of visibility and access management for customers.

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