Disruptive Next-Gen Technologies Unleased

Data Classification

Not all data is created equal. Some data is more sensitive and requires a stronger level of protection and control. Because our clients may have different governance or compliance standards it is important to have customization of classification policies. At Beyond Corp, we enable our clients to classify Data based on the three industry standards- Content based, Context based, and User based. This helps our clients to separate data into groups or classes, based on shared characteristics with the intent of treating those groups differently.

Data Loss Protection and Rights Management

Conventional security techniques typically scan data as it is leaving an endpoint system, and perform predetermined actions based on static data loss prevention (DLP) policies to prevent loss of sensitive information. At Beyond Corp, we help protect our clients against all data threats: - No policies or endpoint agents needed, zero effect on employee productivity, and protection even after data exfiltration. Whether data is on-premises, in the Cloud, on SaaS platforms, with former employees or subcontractors, or with employees working from home, our completely new security approach, enables our clients to easily track and secure their data wherever it is, within their internal network and beyond.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA):

We enable our clients to allow their users to access their applications securely and in a very simple way, whether they are in the office or remote, with or without a connection, no matter which device they are using. Our Multifactor authentication solutions protect all our client’s B2B and B2C applications - Identity and Access Management (IAM), Consumer mobile applications, Privileged Accounts (PAM), Business applications, SaaS applications, Single Sign-On (SSO) or VPN Solutions through multiple tokens: - computer token, tablet token, mobile token and deviceless browser token without any equipment constraint thanks to its SaaS mode operation.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Passwords are not getting any easier to create or keep track of. On the flip side, the number of applications our clients manage keeps getting bigger and bigger. Single sign-on replaces the frustration of signing on to each app individually and remembering multiple sets of credentials with the convenience of single-click access. Our enterprise SSO system supports the full set of current and newer standards making it easier for our clients to provide robust Single Sign On features across on-premises, cloud, and SaaS applications. Employees can be more productive, and our clients and their partners get a frictionless experience that makes it easier to do business.

Privileged Activity Management (PAM)

Focussing on controlling access to accounts and their passwords, not on the activities the administrator needs to perform; is now a thing of the past. We empower our clients to reduce their risk footprint through a task-based approach to Privileged Access Management. Our laser focussed solution provides client administrators the exact level of privileges needed, exactly when they are needed, for only as long as they are needed, and returns the environment to a no-access-by-default state, immediately upon completion


At Beyond Corp, we provide our clients with a high value integrated platform that delivers on next-gen solution by combining technologies such as SIEM, UEBA and SOAR into one product at an extremely low total cost of ownership. The salient features our solutions include: Hyperscale SIEM with hyper-scalable data lake makes it ideal to ingest and store terabytes of data. Behavioural Analytics to detect suspicious activity using statistics and act before any damage occurs. Orchestrate processes, people, and technology initiatives from a single security dashboard.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) / Network Detection and Response (NDR)

A typical attack surface has complex interrelationships among main areas of exposure: Endpoint attack surface and the network attack surface. Preventing attacks against these ever expanding, ever evolving complex interconnected attack-surfaces are leaving organization’s exposed and vulnerable. Early detection, rapid response, quick recovery techniques and mechanisms are the new tools organizations need to embrace and add to their armoury. NDR, EDR along with SIEM/UEBA/SOAR form the foundation of the SOC Visibility Triad. Our AI-driven cybersecurity platforms detect attacker behaviours to protect your hosts and users from being compromised, regardless of location.

Threat Intelligence

Our clients need the ability to make informed decisions to manage their risks in a timely and proactive manner Cyberthreat intelligence is defined as validated, contextual and timely knowledge coupled with actionable guidance about an existing or emerging threat or hazard, including information about threats, techniques, and procedures. Timely threat intelligence help our clients protect their brand reputation and preserve customer loyalty with real-time social media, domain, and mobile marketplace monitoring. Our leading solutions can help reduce the exposure to potential fraud attempts and mitigate them faster, in a frictionless and automated way.